King Koil

King Koil® changed its name to Comfort Solutions in 2005. But in 2013 it changed its name back to King Koil®. King Koil® sells the majority of its mattresses under these main brands: King Koil®, Perfect Solutions, iMattress™, The Dr. Breus Bed®, Laura Ashley Beautiful & Smart™, Flare™, Natural Response.

King Koil® is a United States-based brand of mattresses and bedding with 60 factories in 40 countries operated by independent licensees. It was founded by Samuel Bronstein in 1898 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Today, King Koil mattresses can be found in more than 80 countries throughout the world, with its worldwide headquarters located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. King Koil® mattresses are sold in various furniture/mattress stores around the country. King Koil® has 9 licensees currently servicing the demand in the United States and over 30 licensees around the world servicing more than 80 countries. Our products can be found in retail stores and world-class hotels throughout the world.

King Koil Product Lines

Posture Sense

Innerspring Active

Posture Sense Response

Hybrid Active

Extended Life

Innerspring Active

Laura Ashley

Innerspring Active

Perfect Solutions

Innerspring Active

Spine Support

Innerspring Discontinued

Perfect Contour

Innerspring Discontinued

Natural Response

Latex Discontinued