Firm vs. Soft Mattress

Should I get firm or soft mattress?

Soft is more comfortable but firm is better for my back. Right? Well, not necessarily. Firmer isn't always better. After reading about the difference between support and comfort above you will better understand these two concepts that are quite confusing. It is a misconception that a firm mattress automatically provides better support for your back. In fact, most manufacturers use identical support system (innerspring or foam) in their firm, plush, pillow top or euro top models. So they vary rather in feel and comfort. It takes time to find an ideal combination of support and comfort.

Easiest way to find what softness or firmness would work better for you is to link your sleeping style with mattress firmness level. In general, stomach sleepers need something firmer to keep their hips flat, back sleepers should prefer something in the middle and side sleepers something on the softer side to accommodate their shoulders and hip and reduce pressure on those body parts. These are just general recommendations and obviously optimal softness or firmness of the mattress is a matter of personal preference.