Pillow Top vs. Euro Top

Difference between Pillow Top and Euro Top

Pillow top and euro top mattresses have become popular mattress choices. Main feature of both models is a thick, soft and cushy layer of padding that is attached on the top of the mattress. They are always the softest models in their product line, thus provide the highest level of comfort. The difference between them is more aesthetic than functional, since they differ in a way the top is stitched to the mattress.

Pillow Top

Top comfort or padding layers are loosely sown on to the top of the main body of the mattress. It looks like there is an obvious, separate piece or a pillow attached to the mattress.


Euro Top on the other hand is sown on to the top more firmly with straight, vertical edges continuing up from the main body of the mattress. Euro Top looks like it is a part of the whole mattress structure; it doesn’t have the gap between the top and the mattress and is separated only with a stitched seam.