Spring Air

Spring Air® main product lines: Back Supporter™, Sleep Sense™ and Breathe™

Spring Air® was founded in 1926 when Francis Karr patented a mattress design with free-end coils. Because of the heavy weight, high transportation costs, and low value per unit weight of mattresses, they are often manufactured locally. The company is thus a licensing organization, with local licensees manufacturing the mattresses under a common name for national marketing. Like a cooperative, the licensees own the Spring Air name. In 2006, it is the fourth largest US brand of mattresses (behind Sealy, Serta, and Simmons). It is based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

In 2009 the company that owned the Spring Air name - Consolidated Bedding - went bankrupt. In May 2009 Spring Air® abruptly ceased operations and in June emerged under new ownership and management as SAI (Spring Air International). Spring Air® was repurchased by one of its original owners Edward Bates, bringing Spring Air back to being a family-owned company and putting thousands of employees back to work. Today Spring Air® has expanded its presence around the world adding over 15 new facilities globally. The Spring Air® brand is now manufactured at 13 U.S. facilities and 22 international licensees that operate in 32 countries.

Spring Air Product Lines

Back Supporter 500 Series

Innerspring Active

Back Supporter Value

Innerspring Active

Back Supporter Four Seasons

Innerspring Active


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