G Series G10


G Series is the entry line of iMattress memory foam collection. Every model features 6" polyurethane support core and iFusion memory foam. G8 the best in the line features 1" Slow Recovery Latex layer.

There are several models in this collection: G2 (8.75" high), G4 (10.75"), G6 (11.75"), G8 (12.75"), G10 (13.75").

Also available in Flare™ Mattress Design Flare™ Mattress Design super sizes

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Quilt/Top Layers: 

Zipper Stretch Fabric Comfort Cover

Comfort Layers: 

2" Air Cool Memory Foam - 3 lb Density Density

2.75" Gel iFusion™ iFusion™ Cool Flow Memory Foam
2" GelResponse™ Latex
1" High Density Soft Foam - 1.5 lb Density

Support System: 

6" Soy Poly HD Foam Support Core Support Core - 1.5 lb Density

Edge Support: 



Nordic Wood Foundation

Matching Foundation
Foundation Height: Regular 9"

25 Years Limited - first 15 years Non-Prorated Warranty Non-Prorated + 10 years Prorated Warranty Prorated
No Flip, No Rotate No Flip, No Rotate
Body indentation Body indentation of 3/4" or greater