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Gemma™ is the memory foam brand manufactured by Spaldin Sleep Systems - company from Spain known for their natural sleep products. Gemma mattresses are made of plant oil-based foams (10-30% plant, rest polyurethane). Foam have an open-cell gem-like (pentagon-dodecahedron) structure, so they are more breathable than standard foam mattresses. Certified under the strictest Oekotex 100 Class I, Gemma™ is 100% free of any harmful chemicals. So safe it is certified for use by young children under 3 years of age. Mattresses are available in Sleepy's, Amazon, Sears and other major outlets. All their mattresses are imported and vacuum packed.

Currently there are two models available in Gemma collection - firm and plush. Both models are 10" hight and have the similar construction: 7.5" foam support core, 1.6" Gemma Visco Elastic Foam, 0.8" Plush or Firm Gemma HR Foam. 20 years limited warranty.

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Quilt/Top Layers: 

Cellulose Superstrech Removable Cover
Modacrylic and silica FR sock

Comfort Layers: 

0.8" Firm Gemma HR Foam 2 lb density - firm model
0.8" Plush Gemma HR Foam 1.3 lb density - plush model
1.6" Gemma Visco Elastic Memory Foam - 3.2 Density Density

Support System: 

7.5" Foam Support Core Support Core - 2 lb density

Edge Support: 



Matching Foundation

Matching Foundation
Foundation Height: Regular 9"

20 Years Limited - first 10 years Non-Prorated WarrantyNon-Prorated + 10 years Prorated Warranty Prorated
No Flip, No Rotate No Flip, No Rotate