Perfection Rest


Perfect Rest is a innerspring mattress collection manufactured by Eclipse International. It features 5 Zoned Innerspring System - offset inter-connected coils (700 queen) zoned in order to provide appropriate support to different body parts. This line also features HARVEST Plant-Based Polyurethane Foams. 20 years limited warranty.

There are several softness options available: firm, plush, pillow top and possibly others. Each model will have different height and different selection and thickness of comfort materials to achieve a specific feel, however the support structure remains the same. Higher priced models include premium materials: memory foam, natural latex, organic cotton.

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Coil Count/Density: 
SizeCoil Count
Twin XLn/a
Full XLn/a
Cal King
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Mattress Type: 
Quilt/Top Layers: 

Damask - select models
100% Organic Belgian Cotton - select models

Comfort Layers: 

Pre-Compressed Cotton Polyester Pad
Cushion Firm Eclipse Upholstery Foam
Cushion Firm Eclipse Comfort Foam
Plush Eclipse Comfort Foam
Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Pad
Plush Eclipse Foam Quilt Fill
Visco-Elastic Memory Foam - select models
Premium Natural Latex Foam - select models

Support System: 

5 Zoned Innerspring - offset inter-connected coils

Edge Support: 

Lifedge Perimeter Support - select models

Matching Foundation

20 Years Limited - first 10 years Non-Prorated WarrantyNon-Prorated + 10 years Prorated Warranty Prorated
No Flip, No Rotate No Flip, No Rotate
Body indentation Body indentation of 1 1/2" or greater required