Buying a Mattress Online Was Easy. Now, About the Return.

Sep 17 2016
New Your Times

Web-based mattress retailers vow they’ll take the product back if it flunks a comfy-sleep test. And they do, but it’s not simple.
Here is your mattress shopping bill of rights, 2016 edition:

■ You are entitled to a multiple-night sleep test in your home.

■ Returns should be free.

■ Getting rid of the mattress should not require turning back flips and begging.

In recent years, a number of new companies, including Casper, Helix, Leesa, Saatva and Tuft & Needle, have declared that they will abide by these rules. This is great news, assuming they actually follow through. So this summer, I put the five companies to the test by ordering a mattress from each one, then returning them all, just to see how painful the process would be.

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