What to expect when buying a mattress online

There is the first time for everything. You want to do it on your own, dedicate all Sunday to you and a computer. Do the research from a comfy chair of your home and once decided just enter credit card information and click submit. That’s it. And a new mattress is on its way. Doesn’t it sound easy? Well not so fast.

Traditionally people would buy their mattresses in mattress stores where they can try and compare them and eventually arrange delivery and make a payment. Lately more and more people choose to spend their money on mattresses online. Surprisingly, according to several studies, there is no drastic difference in owner satisfaction of people who tried a mattress in a showroom prior to their purchase versus those who bought it without trying online.

Our general recommendation would be to go and try a specific mattress in the store even if you end up buying it online. Especially if you are thinking about getting a completely different mattress type or support system, it might be a good idea to lay on it and get familiar with it before you pull the trigger.