Air Bed Shopping Tips

Choosing the right air mattress is one of the most difficult tasks. Different products use completely different components, they offer different features, come with different warranties and in most cases you cannot try them in the showroom.

Air beds are popular due to their ability to provide personalized adjustable support, which leads to above average comfort and pressure relief. They last for long time, but can have problems with mechanical parts or minor air leaks. They are light and can be moved around easily. Unhappy customers mentioned annoyance with pump noise, uneven sleep surface and mattress shifting around. Initial investment can be quite high and some air beds will require assembly once delivered. The ultimate in versatility and customization is achieved with combination of air bed and adjustable base.

Since the support system is very similar through out this category you need to focus on the features offered and desirable padding and quilting layers. Read about the benefits of different materials and make a list of those that are important to you. You will always pay more for premium materials like memory foam or latex, so make sure it is there in sufficient quantity. Natural fibers like wool, silk or cashmere on the top of the mattress are desirable, because they are more breathable, but are obviously more expensive. The finish of the mattress is a matter of personal preference, stretch covers are nice because they breathe better and don’t leave creases. Don’t get swayed by the pretty floral design on top, it will be covered by a mattress pad and won’t make any difference at all.

If you plan to buy an air bed online compare all specs and read reviews posted by current owners.

As mentioned in warranty section, this is a crucial aspect in deciding which air bed to buy. Be aware of different warranties, find out how long is the mattress fully covered, and if the warranty is pro-rated, know what portion of the replacement cost you will be responsible for. Make sure you ask your store about exchange/return options and costs associated with an exchange/return. Read the fine print of the exchange/return policy before you place an order.

Always ask for a special financing offers or the incentive for not using one. Some retailers charge extra delivery and old mattress removal fees and those can add substantially to the final amount. Always ask for free gifts with a mattress purchase, it is always nice to get free pillows, mattress protector and set of sheets.