Store “exclusive” mattress lines

On the top of this, every major retail outlet with enormous purchasing power has an “exclusive” product line made only for them and not available at different stores. This “exclusivity” is based on a different name and also on rather insignificant changes to cover material and pattern, different names of foam layers (SuperSoft foam vs. UltraGentle) and adding a negligible thin layer of foam to create an “obvious” distinction. Again, the support system, major features, premium layers, warranty and overall feel are the same. This trick allows retailers to sell you on their own “personalized” line, claiming it is better than the identical mattress from their competitors.

This whole process serves one and only purpose to confuse customers and discourage them from shopping around for better mattress and better deal. It is one of the reasons why we have started this website, to empower anybody who wants to research and compare models and brands. We encourage you to concentrate on and compare inner components of mattresses, rather than looking at the particular product names.