Select foundation / box spring

Believe it or not, this is another simple step you don’t think about until you are presented with alternatives. Depending on type and support system you chose you have a few options when selecting your foundation or boxspring. It is a question of functionality as well as the aesthetics. In the last decade mattresses grew in height and you shouldn’t be surprised to find mattresses taller than 20 inches. This kind of mattress sets could easily cover your headboard and footboard and change the look of your room.

Fortunately, most manufacturers provide different foundation options to go along with your new mattress. The latest trend is to place a mattress directly on a platform bed, and avoid using foundation all together. While this is fine with the most mattresses, some mattresses, specialty beds in particular require matching foundation or a flat solid surface for support. Read the warranty conditions prior to your purchase. Below is the list of foundation options you may consider:

Standard Foundation: 9”
Low Profile Foundation: 5”
Bunkie Board: 2”
Adjustable / Movable Base: 5-10”