Pros and Cons of Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses are natural, healthy alternatives to mattresses made with synthetic materials. There is currently no Organic Mattress certified by USDA on the market. There are mattresses called Organic but they are not certified as whole finished product but rather the components they are built from are Organic (natural latex foam, cotton, wool…)

Most of these organic/natural mattresses will have a latex foam support core with low-density latex foam comfort layers and various natural fibers on top. For the most part the same pros and cons would apply as for latex mattresses, like great support, pressure relief and durability. On a top of it, organic/natural mattresses are made with less synthetic materials, they have improved breathability and will decompose much faster when disposed.

Organic mattresses with latex core have a unique feel. There is only limited amount of products available and most of those are predominantly online. There is pronounced rubbery odor within the first couple of weeks. Also doing research on organic/natural products could be very confusing due to vague and incomplete specs.

Pros Cons
Less exposure to chemicals Vague specifications
Reduced allergic reactions Initial mattress odor
Superior breathability Limited information
Well-balanced support Foamy, spongy feel
Pressure relief Availability
Reduced impact on environment Weight and maneuverability
Organic certification system Insufficient history