Pros and Cons of Innerspring Mattress

The most common mattress type sold is the innerspring or traditional mattress, where the support portion is made from steel coils coming in different shapes and forms. All better mattresses nowadays use independently pocketed coils providing even support, better contouring of your body, reduced motion transfer and improved durability.

Even though it is still the most popular mattress breed, innerspring mattresses in general tend to have below-average durability due to excessive sagging – state when mattress develops deep body impressions (typically greater than 1.2”). The less expensive models lack in motion separation, are prone to making noises and could be very bouncy.

Pros Cons
Initial support and comfort Sub-par owner satisfaction
Great value Below-average durability
Heat retention Inferior pressure relief
Traditional feel Poor motion separation
Product variety Prone to collect dust mites, allergens
Availability Possible sounds from springs