Pros and Cons of Gel Mattresses

You can find gel or form of gel in any mattress type available – innerspring, memory foam, latex and even air/dial beds nowadays may include layer of gel foam. There are mattresses though, that are 100% made from gel. Gel offers several advantages like improved temperature regulation, better resiliency, superior pressure relief and increased durability.

It is a very new product introduced recently to mass market and there is just not enough experience to confirm any longevity claims. It has been used extensively in hospital/medical setting and it has been very successful. There is undisputed cooling effect of gel, it is rather temporary and often time you will not even notice the difference. Latest research by rival manufacturers does not prove the claim of gel-based products sleeping cooler; so make sure you spend your money wisely.

Pros Cons
Motion absorption and pressure relief Limited information and availability
Faster response time Initial mattress odor
Faster response time Unique feel
Possible cooling affect Insufficient history
Long warranty Premium price insubstantial benefit