Latex Mattress Shopping Tips

We highly recommend going out and test some latex mattresses at the local retailer to get a sense of the overall feel, general construction and comfort you prefer. Latex mattresses are not for everybody and there is a good amount of people who don't like the "spongy/bouncy" feel of latex. Make sure you like this unique feel and comfort before pulling the trigger online.

Latex mattresses are one of the most difficult mattress types to shop for and compare. There are several factors to consider - type of latex, manufacturing process, warranty, and these are not always available. Only a few models are shown in showrooms and there is limited historic data on durability and customer experience, since most of the brands are fairly new. There is no rule on how much latex a product has to contain in order to be referred to as Latex Mattress. Be careful to read in between lines of marketing materials and product descriptions. Many of the so-called “latex mattresses” contain only a thin layer of synthetic latex, that doesn’t offer most of the advantages and benefits of latex foam and yet it has a premium price tag. Innerspring mattress with a layer of latex is not hypoallergenic just because it contains latex. It is another deceiving tactic used by the industry to make the buying process confusing.

When shopping, just make sure you are comparing similar products. Top of the line mattresses are built with latex core and latex comfort layers with addition of some premium materials like memory foam. Middle of the road mattresses use high-density polyurethane core with several latex comfort layers on top. The denser the latex foam, the longer it will last, and the heavier it will be. Just like with any foam mattress if the product description doesn’t offer density information try to lift it and “weigh” it relative to a different product. As much as we believe latex mattresses are great products they provide very distinct feel that will not make everyone happy

Be aware of different warranties, typically covering indentations larger than 1.5” over certain period of time. Find out how long is the mattress fully covered, and if the warranty is pro-rated, know what portion of the replacement cost you will be responsible for. Make sure you ask your store about exchange/return options and exchange/return costs. Read the fine print of the exchange/return policy before you place an order. It is better to take your time and sift through details than be sorry later.

Most stores will declare that they cannot offer any discounts on premium memory foam beds and that their prices are fixed by manufacturers. There is some truth to this but double check with more stores because some retailers are more lenient than others. Always ask for a special financing offers or the incentive for not using one. Some retailers charge extra delivery and old mattress removal fees and those can add substantially to the final amount. Always ask for free gifts with a mattress purchase, it is always nice to get free pillows, mattress protector and set of sheets.