Gel Mattress Shopping Tips

The gel mattresses offer an additional option in the category of specialty beds. There are different types of gel mattresses and they are impossible to compare side by side. Some gel mattresses offer only thin layer of gel or gel foam on the top of traditional coil innerspring. Other gel beds use polyurethane or latex support core with gel infused memory foam on the top. There are also mattresses designs that offer gel column support system with gel comfort layers.

The much advertised and popularized cooling effect of gel may not be what it sounds like. Even though there is undisputed cooling effect of gel, it is rather temporary and often time you will not even notice the difference. This cooling effect depends on the amount and form of gel and how close it is to the body, with thicker gel layer right on the top of the mattress providing maximum cooling.

As we mentioned before, gel mattresses haven’t had a chance to prove themselves over time, so choosing the product with good warranty is crucial. Be aware of different warranties, most of them covering indentations larger than 1 1/2” over certain period of time. Find out how long is the mattress fully covered, and if the warranty is pro-rated, know what portion of the replacement cost you will be responsible for. Make sure you ask your store about exchange/return options and exchange/return costs. Read the fine print of the exchange/return policy before you place an order.

Always ask for a special financing offers or the incentive for not using one. Some retailers charge extra delivery and old mattress removal fees and those can add substantially to the final amount. Always ask for free gifts with a mattress purchase, it is always nice to get free pillows, mattress protector and set of sheets.