Examine exchange and return policy

In mattress industry exchange and return policy is often referred to as comfort guarantee, trial, tryout or test period. All and all, it gives you some peace of mind that when something goes wrong and you are unhappy you will be taken care of.

Mattress retailers have different exchange/return policies and various costs that go along with these policies. Prior to a purchase, make sure you are presented with full terms of the retailer’s exchange/return policy. Comfort guarantee is usually stated in days, weeks or months. You can find guarantees as short as 7 days and as long as 100 days.

Again, you may be responsible for the fees associated with the shipping, delivery and processing your claim. Very few stores have full return policy with no pick up or restocking fees. Most of the stores offer exchange policy within certain period of time, but some stores, especially furniture stores offer no exchange policy at all.