Cracking the code

When comparing mattresses, it is important to not to get hung up on names, colors and cover patterns. Instead of looking at a single mattress, you need to focus on a mattress line – a group of mattresses with the same construction and features but different softness. Manufacturers generally make one softness variation for each line. So you can find Brand X with Product Line Y and models A firm, B plush, C pillow top. These mattresses are the same at the different store under Brand X, Product Line Y and model names K firm, L plush and M pillow top.

Once you like certain product, its support and feel, make sure you jot down the information that is crucial in order to compare it to product at different store: cover and ticking, comfort or padding layers, any premium materials (memory foam, latex, gel…) support system and its components, warranty and exchange policy. By clearly establishing your benchmark you can now shop around and compare these particular components to each other. Eventually you will be able to match up the models with different names and see how they relate to each other. Then, instead of worrying about the product you can focus on where to buy it (depending on store services and policies) and negotiate a good deal.